Being green is a choice

Nature is full of mysteries, but OLOS products are not. We work with the Earth to produce clean, safe formulas that ensure the highest performance from each ingredient while keeping our environmental impact low.

OLOS means everything

The Greek word OLOS represents the union between human beings and nature. Driven by a constant commitment to research, our laboratories produce formulas that are rich in natural, sustainable ingredients so that we can achieve authentic beauty together.

Sustainable, natural, Italian.

Our formulas are constantly evolving and being updated, and our values guide us throughout every moment of our journey towards beauty.

Made in Italy

It all started in our home country: Italy, where nature and beauty are synonymous


We produce safe, dermatologically tested formulas.


Our formulas have been endorsed by OLOS professionals and deliver real results for your skin.


The road to a Greener world starts with the details: OLOS consciously chooses each aspect of its formulas, packaging, production, and distribution. OLOS is at your side from start to finish, one choice at a time.

Holistic beauty

We seek complete, personalised solutions that respond to every skin concern and offer authentic beauty and wellness.

Why choose OLOS?

Choosing OLOS is a commitment to creating a more sustainable world. It means listening to the advice of experts who understand your skin and what it needs. When you choose OLOS, you choose more innovative ingredients for yourself as well as more sustainable solutions for your home planet.
Here at OLOS, we draw from our roots in Italy's tradition of cosmetics, and we want to walk with you towards a new future.