Reduces the appearance of all types of cellulite: flaccid, compact, edematous.

Discover the treatment and its active ingredients

The OLOS anti-cellulite treatment relaxes the body through the immersive application of a series of products enriched with draining and anti-cellulite ingredients. It contrasts and reduces the appearance of cellulite, alleviates water retention, and improves the skin.

HYPERFERMENTED ALOE: extracted using sustainable processes. Moisturising, antioxidant, protective.


JANIA RUBENS ALGAE: prevents fat accumulation and synthesis, ensures cellular homeostasis, and smooths and firms the skin's texture. Produced and extracted using sustainable processes.


GREEN COFFEE OIL: contrasts the appearance of cellulite and improves the skin's elasticity and tone. Sourced from responsible agriculture and extracted using sustainable processes.

*Refers to the appearance of cellulite.